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What are the best treats for my Pet?

On the website we have put on sale the most suitable treats for each animal, we recommend a lot of products without added sugar, with few carbohydrates to avoid overweight and of course treats with a completely transparent composition as well as without preservatives and without antioxidants.

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What are the best kibbles to choose for my dog  ?

What are the best kibbles to choose for my dog  ?

DOGS AND CO has made a selection of kibbles on its website, gluten-free, cereal-free, with cereals. 
Each dog has a different need, which is why we have created a nutritional assessment on the website by appointment with Mélanie, the store manager,  
Who can help you choose the most suitable kibble for your animal.
We work with a particular method at the DOGS AND CO store we work with the RPP method (rRation Protido Phosphorique) which allows us to completely decipher a composition and analytical constituents and with this find the best product which consists of the fewest carcasses and many more meat parts. Since the carcass is not nutritious, it may be harmful to your animal's kidneys.

Why is it important to have a Learning to be alone toy for your Animal?

Each Animal is welcomed into a family with open arms, and therefore it creates a strong bond with its master, this one lives as a kind of abandonment when its master leaves, whether it is to go to work or to go shopping, whether it lasts an hour. or seven hours for him the heartbreak and the like that's why at the DOGS AND CO store we recommend a method that allows you to leave a toy with a treat, a frozen pâté, a tempted plate covered with pâté and then frozen, all kinds of delicacies that we leave only when we leave that we recover especially when we return home. The dog therefore associates this reward with the departure and suddenly he is happy that you leave because it is only then that you give him this pleasure. This ritual is respected during the time of learning, so your dog will not make mistakes or damage the house or apartment. We have therefore presented them to you in our toys section

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Why choose an anti glutton bowl when your dog eats too quickly?

Rapid and rushed eating, such as swallowing, can lead to gastric torsion. The symptoms of gastric torsion are: increased production of saliva, distension of the abdominal cavity and empty vomiting. In addition, a dog sucks in a lot of air, which leads to flatulence.
This is why we have chosen the most suitable anti-glutton bowl for your pet with BPA-free plastic.

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